People Engage with Radio Advertising

On average, people are 32% more engaged with their favourite radio station than they are with other media content.

Commercial Radio Australia's (CRA) 2011 on-air brand campaign focuses on key research findings which prove that people engage with radio advertising.

During a time when our media landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented, commercial radio is continuing to capture the attention of the masses and evolve. Listeners feel a connection with their favourite radio stations and announcers whether they’re at work, home, in the car or out and about.

A study commissioned by CRA involved the use of brain imaging technology – radio listener’s neuro data was captured and analysed as they listened to radio content across various program formats and commercial breaks.

The findings of the study show that people are on average 32% (and up to 44%) more engaged while listening to their favourite radio station than they are with other media & advertising content.

Listeners feel a strong connection with their favourite radio stations.

The industry commissioned research partner, Hoop Group, to investigate the hypothesis; radio is a relevant and important of listeners' media consumption.

The findings show that 64% of listeners have responded to radio advertising in the last 12 months. Some responses include: talking about what they've heard, visiting a website or making a purchase. The research shows that consumers are strongly engaged and still believe in radio, with their listening habits evolving with technology.

'People Engage with Radio Advertising' was written by creative director of Eardrum Australia, Ralph Van Dijk.

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