People Really Connect with Radio

People are six times more likely to go to an advertiser's website if they have heard the advertisement on radio.

This is groundbreaking research. It is the first study in Australia to establish the direct link between media exposure - in this case commercial radio advertising, and the online response it triggers.

The brilliance of Colmar Brunton’s Click Hear tool is that it uses web analytics from respondents’ real time web-browsing behaviour rather than relying on their recall of websites they have visited (Steve Nuttall, MD, Colmar Brunton). The independent research by Colmar Brunton, commissioned by Commercial Radio Australia, is the first Australian research of its kind.


The study concentrated on 72 radio ads aired in Sydney and Melbourne over the course of two weeks. The ads used a digital call to action directing listeners to visit brand websites and social media pages. Colmar Brunton utilised its innovative ‘Click Hear’ approach to amalgamate and analyse information obtained from three sources:

  1. A panel of 469 radio listeners who completed media diaries.
  2. Software to track the panel’s online browsing activity.
  3. Advertising placement information from the media schedules for each radio station.

The combined effect of these sources revealed powerful insights about the online behaviour of radio listeners, including:

  • People are, on average, six times more likely to visit a brand's website if they hear a radio ad with a digital call to action, than those not exposed to the radio ad
  • Radio advertising has an immediate effect. 78% of those who heard the ads took some form of digital activity within 24 hours
  • Commercial radio generates significantly more visits to a web page if a digital call to action is included in a commercial.

The results were consistent across sectors and showed even greater uplift in digital activity for the food, finance, government and motor vehicle categories.

For more information, please email Briony McLean (Research & Insights Strategist) or call 02 9281 6577.

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