Radio Advertising. Economically Sound.

Stage 7 of the Commercial Radio Australia brand campaign continues in 2009 with comedian, Mark Mitchell.

The new stage in this campaign 'Radio Advertising. Economically Sound.' written by international award-winning creative director of Eardrum Australia, Ralph van Dijk, relies on humour to highlight the effectiveness of using radio as a medium in challenging economic times.

Most companies look to cut costs in uncertain economic conditions. It often seems that the marketing and communications area is the first area to be reviewed and chopped. Companies that choose to not let difficult economic times derail their brand building efforts can see significant gains over time and into the future.

These companies view tougher economic times as an opportunity to get a leg up on a weakened competitor. In a risk-adverse climate consumers are more likely to stick with a known brand and/or a trusted voice, and look to brands for reassurance. If brands are approaching uncertain times with confidence than consumer spending will follow suit.

The radio industry is working hard on initiatives to further boost its profile and provide additional services to help advertisers target their audiences more effectively and to ensure radio maintains its place as the most innovative and dynamic medium.

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