Radio Advertising Effectiveness Study

Stage 4 of the Commercial Radio Australia brand campaign continues in 2006 with our intrepid reporter, Mark Mitchell getting himself into all sorts of situations as he interviews research, marketing, agency executives and even a chairman at a shareholders meeting.

The new ad campaign “Restaurant”, written by international award-winning creative director of Eardrum Australia, Ralph van Dijk, relies on humour to convey the message that radio is a cost-effective medium for advertisers and features facts from the Advertising Effectiveness Study.

Previous ads targeted niche markets like the insurance industry and most recently, used senior executives of major companies to explain why they use radio as part of their advertising mix.

Radio advertising is now being taken very seriously at an international creative level and the industry’s own campaign reflects the great strength of good Australian radio ads. Today’s advertising climate is also highly competitive and very cluttered, making it imperative for advertisers to use effective and efficient mediums for their message to get through – radio is often the best answer.

Radio Ads

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