It’s simple, Australians love to travel. In the past six months 4.5 million Australians aged 14+ have travelled by air domestically and 4.6 million overseas by air in the past 12 months.

Nielsen’s report, Radio On The Move, developed in collaboration with Commercial Radio Australia, found that commercial radio plays an important role with these travellers - reaching over 70% of them every week.

Commercial radio listeners can be segmented into three distinctive travel groups, excluding stay at home listeners. From “travelling suits” on business, to “overseas adventurers” and “local leisure seekers” exploring the world and Australia, radio audiences are varied and their preferences diverse.

Key National insights include:

  • 57% of commercial radio listeners would consider taking a cruise.
  • Commercial radio listeners are defined into four distinct segments: Traveling Suits, Overseas Adventurers, Local Leisure Seekers and Stay at Home.
  • Overseas adventurers skew slightly towards women (53%), and 60% are either 25-39 or 55+ years old.
  • Breakfast and afternoon radio slots will reach at least 80% of all of these groups.
  • Six in ten of all groups said they prefer commercial citing a price point.

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