Commercial Radio Australia in partnership with Presslaff Interactive Revenue (PIR) continue to provide the industry with  Finding Consumer Trends (FCT) reports. Each quarter a new survey will be offered to all CRA regional members that will produce reports to help stations and networks better understand their listeners by providing key data and insights into their buying behaviour, purchase intentions, consumer awareness and attitudes towards a selected category.

The survey aims to assist local and national sales teams to initiate meaningful conversations with existing and prospective advertisers to help drive increased radio advertising spend in each category that is surveyed.

FCT Benefits

  • Survey results will provide sales teams key insights required to develop conversations with their local advertisers and increase station revenue share
  • Data is specific to local listeners - not a national sample
  • Competitive advantage - provides information that serves as an additional sales tool that other local media does not have
  • FCT reports are at no cost to member stations or networks.

For more information, please contact Leo Hronsky at or 02 9281 6577.