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  • Station
  • Campaign Type Promotion
  • Timeframe
  • Target market
  • Station
  • Campaign Type Promotion
  • Timeframe
  • Target market
It’s a huge vote of confidence in the vodafone 4g network that Australia’s most listened to drive show is trusting us with its broadcast. 
Loo Fun Chee Vodafone Chief Marketing Officer


After investing billions into improving the Vodafone 4G network, Vodafone needed to demonstrate the reliability of their 4G network, to drive reappraisal and boost consideration levels among non-Vodafone customers. 

Campaign Objectives

Vodafone wanted Australians to know they have a choice when it came to their mobile provider, but instead of talking at their target, they wanted to show Australians they are the right choice.
To provide their network reliability, they needed a bold partner who believed in their product enough to put their own business in someone else’s hands.

Insights and Solution

Vodafone found a partner in Nova who was willing to take a risk by broadcasting their #1 National Drive show through the Vodafone 4G network. If the Vodafone network went offline, Kate, Tim & Marty would go off air.
Key to establishing trust with consumers, was endorsement through Nova’s drive announcer, Kate Ritchie, who had been a Vodafone customer for nearly ten years.
For six weeks, commencing Monday 11 July 2016, the much-loved Kate, Tim & Marty broadcast their #1 Drive show through Vodafone’s 4G network to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
This would prove the breadth, strength, speed, and more importantly reliability, of the Vodafone network. The scale of this campaign was huge.
Not only did we physically change how we broadcast as a network, but we took one of the most popular on air benchmarks, Quick Draw, into the hands of our consumers with a Quick Draw bus, giving listeners the chance to play the Drive team’s most popular on air benchmark.
In the biggest vote of confidence, in 2017, Vodafone reinvested and we have broadcast our entire network, nationally through the Vodafone 4G network, 24 hours a day, for 30 days, applying all key learnings and increasing the scale extensively.


  • Awareness among NOVA listeners had increased to 91% and shifted misconceptions around the reliability of the network by 50%;
  • The campaign recorded unprecedented commercial performance for Vodafone Australia, citing “the best month ever”;
  • NPS grew 13 points YOY;
  • traffic soared 16%;